Thus Spake EWN: June is Novella Month

June 8, 2010 — Leave a comment

Why should only poetry get its own cruelest month? The Emerging Writers Network, which declared May ‘Short Story Month,’ has declared June ‘Novella Month.’ This makes me very happy because for me, June is ‘Submit My Novella Month.’

Novellas are getting great blog coverage (see links below) in terms of quotes, definitions, recommendations of novellas past and present, proclamations of affection, and discussions of current activity in the publishing world. Because I’m submitting my novella for publication, I’ve had to find the presses that publish novellas, which is not the easiest of tasks. Where I’ve found the most success? Poetry presses. I think this is because poetry presses are not afraid of publishing full-length books that are only 80 pages long. They’re also not afraid of white space, which may help me in my quest to publish my novella of short, flash sections.

One thing that I’ve learned in Novella Month is that my novella falters on the issue of “revolv[ing] around one or a few characters” (John Madera – he’s not prescriptive about this; in fact he says “usually” not “always”). I’ve got five main characters with two other POVs that pop in briefly. I think my novella is actually five short stories that happen to share the same time (July 4 weekend) and place (Fallingwater – image below). And those stories are presented as alternating flash fictions.

My novella is called Liliane’s Balcony after the middle balcony that extends out beyond the others. Before it belonged to the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy, it belonged to one of my characters (Liliane Kaufmann). Her adjacent bedroom is where she overdosed on pain pills. Her balcony is where the tourists in my novella have their respective crises.

Anyway, my contribution to Novella Month is the following, in-progress list of presses that publish novellas.

Non-exhaustive, non-alphabetical list of presses that publish stand-alone novellas:
(Feel free to drop me a line to make the list more exhaustive. I’ll keep updating this. N.B. – these are book publishers, not literary journals, some of which do publish novellas, but that’s another list.)

Four Way Books
Black Lawrence Press
Melville House (link removed; see 6/9/10 post regarding % of women published)
Mudluscious Press

Hotel St. George
Milkweed Editions
Persea Books
Spire Press
Autumn House Books
Miami University Press Novella Contest
Main Street Rag

And then there are presses that publish novellas as part of story collections:

University of Pittsburgh Press – Drue Heinz prize
Univ. of North Texas – Katherine Anne Porter Prize
Prairie Schooner Book Prize
Flannery O’Connor Award for Short Fiction

Bloggers blogging novellas:
(Dear bloggers listed below, I tried to alert a couple of you that I linked to you, but blogger wouldn’t verify me. If you want to be removed from the list, let me know. Better yet, if you know of links to add, let me know those too.)

Emerging Writers Network
David Abrams/The Quivering Pen
John Maderas
Joseph Bates/The Nighttime Novelist
The Fiction Desk

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