“A Total Dork”: Talking Writing at TALKING WRITING

September 7, 2010 — 2 Comments

My 1940s phone

I’m thrilled and honored to be the featured fiction writer in the debut issue of TALKING WRITING.

They’ve published the opening chapter of Liliane’s Balcony, my novella set at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater (click “fallingwater” category for other posts).

And they’ve published an interview in which I talk about blogging, share my inspiration for writing the novella, and call myself “a total dork” — a phrase that inspired the interview title: “A Total Dork for _______.” To find out what I’m a total dork for, click here. (see photos for clues)

Many thanks to fiction editor Rebecca Meacham, and to Martha Nichols and all the editors who have put together an exciting and accessible and interactive new online magazine. Please visit the site, post a comment, like it, and share it.

My 1920s film projector


2 responses to “A Total Dork”: Talking Writing at TALKING WRITING


    I liked this statement in your interview on the Talking Writing blog:

    “One of the defining features of my blog is a series titled ‘How to Be a Writer,’which is not about how to write better or faster or get published.”

    It reminds me of a lecture Kurt Vonnegut gave at the Dowagiac Dogwood Festival several years ago. The tile of his talk was, “How to Get a Job Like Mine,” but he never got around to explaining how to get a job like his. He did talk about things like Isaac Asimov’s funeral and how much he enjoyed going to the post office to pick up his mail.


    Ha! So the title perhaps should have been, “Ode to My Job”? Or:”Ode to My Job, Suckas?” Sounds like he made everyone want his job without actually explaining how to get it. Either way, I’m jealous you got be at the lecture.

    But yeah, “being” a writer is a whole different way of being/thinking/living than many other pursuits. And it certainly goes way beyond the pleasure of getting one’s mail at the p.o.

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