April 7, 2011 — 6 Comments

I wrote a story about your husband. Or, about a book about your husband. About a book called Biography of Your Husband. Which is also the title of the story. Which is told in the form of jacket copy for the book. Which doesn’t actually exist. But the story does. Does your husband exist? I don’t know. The author would say so. Not me, but Jane Smitten. Who may not exist. Does the story exist? Yes. Does the book exist? Here’s what it looks like:

It must exist, right?


Link to story at Sycamore Review.

Thanks to super-designer, Molly McCaffrey. She made 25 copies of this gorgeous broadside and gave them away at my reading at Western Kentucky University last week.

And thanks to René Magritte, whose paintings are used more or less legally.

6 responses to Broadsided


    I need to charge up my phone


    When do you want me to start?


    I saw your advert in the paper

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