Ohio! and Don Quixote

October 29, 2011 — 5 Comments

I got to spend a day in Ohio this week! I even got to be on I-75 for a couple miles!

I was invited to give a reading at Bluffton University, with its beautiful Ohio trees and fall Ohio leaves and winding Ohio paths, and which looks like this:

That is the path to the beautiful library where I got to read, which looks like this:

And I got to meet the terrific students of poet Jeff Gundy and of my hostess extraordinaire, Susan Carpenter. And we ate dinner at Tu Pueblo, and ended our visit at the coffee shop the next morning, both downtown, which looks like this:

Thanks so much to Susan Carpenter and everyone at Bluffton for a great visit (and for buying so many books)!

On the drive there, I saw the strangest sight, and on the way home I got to document it:

Windmills. Not just one, or a few, or a field of them. Miles of them.

I started clocking the miles: 16 miles of these windmills east-west along Highway 30, and to the north as far as the eye could see. Miles and miles, hundreds and hundreds of them.

I felt like Don Quixote, unable to believe they were anything other than giants that need to be slain.

But then again, maybe I’ll get used to them. As I have to these other members of the species, in Ft. Wayne:


5 responses to Ohio! and Don Quixote


    You know you can count on me to never leave the computer. 😉


    Love the photos and glad you had fun. See this is how you should drive to Cincinnati—30 to 75. And then you can stop at Cerulean for lunch sometime.


    Yes! I travel between Chicago and Cincinnati several times a year, and the first time I saw these I was amazed and a little bit terrified. They are still awe-inspiring to drive through several years later… at night they are incredibly eerie.

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