Travels to Central Michigan

November 6, 2011 — 1 Comment

Thanks so much to Darrin Doyle and his awesome colleagues and students – and his wife Courtney! – for making me feel like a rock star at Central Michigan University this week. And for putting up with my coughing fits, and for serving up lots of hot tea so that my voice would survive my reading. Darrin’s graduate students had been reading For Sale By Owner, and they really impressed me with their insights and questions about the stories.

And thanks to my IUSB students, who were all very sweet, wishing me safe travels as I left, and to Joe, my beekeeper student, who brought me a jar of honey from his bees! I felt like Winnie the Pooh!

One response to Travels to Central Michigan


    Friends – old and new – rock, don’t they?

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