Deus Ex Machina: Freshly Pressed!

December 15, 2011 — 7 Comments

My last post was an interview with the poet Carrie Oeding that ends with this advice: “Write and read, and things will happen.” I’ve been writing this blog for almost two years now, and something definitely happened.

I got Freshly Pressed! I got hundreds of comments and likes and new subscribers.

I can’t help but think of it in literary terms: like a Deus Ex Machina. The WordPress gods intervened – apparently out of nowhere – and changed the story.

But the point of my How to Become a Writer interview series is not to perpetuate the idea that things happen out of nowhere, that we should just sit around and wait for a god to get lowered into our life stories to solve everything. Just the opposite: that things happen because we’re working to make things happen. One of the comments on the Carrie Oeding interview post said something like, “Don’t forget the importance of luck.”

Which makes me think of the quote by Seneca: “Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.”

I was hugely lucky (and grateful) to get Freshly Pressed, but I’ve been preparing for the opportunity for years. I remember reading a Wordpess post about “How to Get Freshly Pressed,” and there was advice like have good content and give credit to your images and links. I made sure to follow the advice. I’ve been writing this blog for almost two years, and I created a series that I hoped would be of interest to others, and I tried to make it look nice.

It’s the same thing I’ve done in my journey as a writer: I keep writing and submitting my work and rewriting and resubmitting. Yesterday I got a rejection letter. Today I’ll send something new out.

Anyway, what I mean to say is: Hi! I’m excited to meet all of you who subscribed to my blog and left comments. I’m still going through your comments and visiting your blogs – which are from all around the world. I’ve subscribed to some of your blogs and left comments on others, and I’ve even got a couple new writers for my interview series that came from your comments and suggestions. Thank you!

Stay tuned for a new interview to post this weekend…


7 responses to Deus Ex Machina: Freshly Pressed!


    Kelcey, congratulations! So cool to see, and so well deserved. You’re doing such great work with these interviews.


    Thanks, Ryan! You were one of my first followers. 🙂


    Awe….this was wonderful to read this morning! I’m going to post a photo of a wee painting on my blog today. I did it yesterday for a series called The Covenant Series. I left a particular style that I had commited my artist-life to, to do something that I thought was really important. These paintings don’t SELL! Sheesh…this week the last of my commercial galleries let go of me, under less than pleasant circumstances. This was an established career that hundreds of thousands of artists would have ached for. I am now completely unhitched from the openings, the glass of wine in the hand while talking to a stranger about my art, the attention, the congratulations. Your post gives me hope…to continue to work is all that I can do. I will find my way, but it is going to be a different way. I just need to hold fast to what I am trying to say as a painter and keep on saying it! Thank you and congratulations on your Freshly Pressed experience! I’ve been writing in the Chapel since 2005! Welcome to writing-for-the-universe! :0)


    Thanks for your comment, Painter Lady! I just checked out your paintings and they are stunning! You should sell them on your own online gallery, or on Etsy. I especially love the Northern Flicker with the collage elements and the quote by Rachel Carson.

    Have you read Alyson Stanfield’s book, “I’d Rather Be in the Studio: The Artist’s Guide to Self-Promotion”? It will energize you for the new year – and your new journey. Here’s her web site:



    I was just about to give up on writing when I’ve read this post.
    I start a blog here on wordpress , has passed only one month since the first post, but I ran out of inspiration.I guess I’m lost when it comes to subjects.
    Reading this I hope to catch some hope from others writers experience.
    Nobody starts as a hit , right?
    I was just trying to express myself, at first.
    But now I feel like I have to produce regular content.This has blocked me out.
    Congrats for your writing.


    I was just about to give up on writing when I’ve read this post.
    I started a blog here on wordpress , has passed only one month since the first post, but I ran out of inspiration. I guess I’m lost when it comes to find good subjects.
    By reading this I hope learn from others writers experience.
    Nobody starts as a hit , right?
    I was just trying to express myself, at first.
    But now I feel pressured to produce content on a regular basis.It ended up blocking my thoughts!
    This also happened to you?
    Keep writing, keep creating hope for new writers.
    Thank you.


    Hi Laryssa,
    Yes, I sometimes felt pressured to write posts for the blog when I was either too busy or too tired to come up with anything. The interview series was a creative solution to that. It keeps me on schedule. Maybe you could get a blog partner to help motivate you. There are two people who take turns blogging here:
    – and they have lots of great ideas. Best wishes, Kelcey

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