Merry Christmas

December 25, 2011 — 7 Comments

I’m a crier by nature, and here is something that brings me to tears and makes me feel probably exactly how one should feel on Christmas evening: grateful, appreciative, sad, alive, alove (which should be a word).

The New York Times invited readers to submit photos of loved ones they’d lost this year. Here’s a screen shot. Click to go to NYTimes, where you can click on each photo and read a bit about the person who was lost this year:

Click the image to go to NYTimes

Here’s who I lost this year:

Thebes (left)

Obviously our other cat lost his best friend too. Thebes had been with us longer than our daughter, and even today my husband said, “You know what I miss this Christmas? – Thebes.”

Today on the phone, my mom gave me news of my grandfather’s worsened condition. He was taken to the hospital today and they’re not sure he’ll return. Here he is with me and my sister in his arms:


7 responses to Merry Christmas


    Perfect Christmas post! Hope you had a good holiday despite the loss of Thebes and your grandfather’s illness.


    Woops, forgot to say that last message is from me (Molly).


    Thanks, Anonymous Molly! 🙂 Yes, it was a special day, and made even better thinking fondly of my loved ones.


    I hope your grandfather is comfortable and cared for… I know he is loved:)


    Thank you, Just a Smidgen. Happy holidays!


    I’m so sad that I wasn’t able to read this prior to Christmas.

    It is so very difficult to go through the holidays having had lost someone, or on the verge of losing someone. A few years back, I lost my father, and this year in June my mother passed away. I don’t believe that I can do justice to what that feels like, but my hope is that it will get better with time.

    Like others have said, sorry about Thebes and I hope your grandfather is comfortable.


    Dear musingnyc – I’ve been away from my computer all week and did not get a chance to reply sooner, but I was sorry to hear about your mom’s passing (and your father’s earlier), and I hope you have many good memories to get you through the holidays. Thanks for sharing. – k

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