Book Giveaway: Poems by Jennifer Perrine

June 25, 2012 — 25 Comments

Another book giveaway begins now!

Jennifer Perrine, who reminded us “to be wild, to be bewildered, to be wilderness” (see last week’s interview, How Jennifer Perrine Became a Writer), is giving away two copies of each of her books of poems – In the Human Zoo and The Body Is No Machine. That’s FOUR books to be given away. Contest runs all week. Winners will be announced and contacted Friday shortly after the contest closes.


It’s super easy. Post a comment on this post before this Friday, June 29, 2012 at 12:00 noon (Eastern time). (Don’t know what to say in a comment? Tell what animal you would be in the non-human zoo. Tell what machine your body would be if it were a machine.)

Your comment number will be your entry number. A Random Number Generator will select the FOUR winners.

One comment per person, please. With one exception: If you reblog this post or mention it on your blog, your pingback counts as an eligible second entry.

You know I get paranoid that no one will enter my contests, so have mercy. Post a comment. You might just win a book.


In the Human Zoo reveals encounters with a world that is both fragile and dangerous, a perilous, surreal place where not only humans but also creatures as innocuous as fireflies and owls become potential threats. Throughout the collection, speakers wrestle with human violence through a multitude of perspectives: the fear and resistance of victims, the frustration and outrage of witnesses, the regret and recognition of a global history in which so many people have participated as perpetrators. While the people who inhabit the world of this collection might yet remain caged, they nevertheless struggle to unleash themselves and each other through language.

Coveting, with Pronunciation Guide

And what if I said your breasts rise
like an umlaut over the o of your stomach?
That I have imagined two hipbones, grave
and acute, inflecting legs long as vowels,
ohs and oohs, the tendons at the backs
of your knees taut as macrons? Who else
will tell you how your top lip lurks
over your teeth like a tilde, the small list
of your smirk to the left?

Let me whisper you
seduction like a cedilla, soft and complex,
an arcing voice full of hooks and barbs.
Let me rest the circumflex of my hands, tented,
tentative, against your waist. Let my body
be a breve, the cup into which you drop
your breath. Let desire be clumsy
as a schwa, upside-down, almost soundless.

From The Body is No Machine by Jennifer Perrine


25 responses to Book Giveaway: Poems by Jennifer Perrine


    I love that poem: as a former linguist (if there is such a thing), I appreciate the beauty of language and of diacritical signs. I was also impressed with the interview last week.
    What animal would I be in a zoo: well, my favourite is an elephant, but I fear I would probablky be an ant…


    I would like to be a lion!!! King of the jungle, or rather king of the zoo. Lol


    I love free books, and poetry. Jennifer strikes me as a writer whose work would teach me a lot about experimentation and bravery with words. Crossing my fingers!


    I’m pretty sure I’d be something funny, like a penguin, or something lazy, like the tigers I saw at the Paris zoo… And if I were a machine I’d hope like heck I could fly.

    Seth Brady Tucker June 25, 2012 at 12:31 pm

    Hey Jennifer–I plan to buy your books at some point anyway (isn’t it sad that teachers have to budget for books!!!?), but wanted to let you know how impressed I was with “The Last Time We Were Easy” in River Styx–such a beautiful poem, and I love that it works so well as a sonnet. Very happy to share the same issue with a poet I admire! I suspect, that if my body were a machine, it would be a simple pestle, or an anvil–no moving parts, just something to bang a hammer against…


    jacqueline dickey June 25, 2012 at 1:06 pm

    spending the morning pondering what animal to become….
    nature is so diverse and so are we…how can we limit….but today…maybe a monarch on a yellow lily the sun tosses in and out of the shade of a pine…in the background…church bells…and it’s wings rise and fall rhythmically. thank you for sharing your crafts. all of youse.

    petrujviljoen June 25, 2012 at 1:51 pm

    It is indeed hard to choose which animal one would like to be. I think a horse. I like visiting them at the stables in the town close where I live. Or a long crested eagle, like the one that lives close to where I live. None of these are in a zoo … so much the better.

    Terrie Lynn Phillips June 25, 2012 at 2:01 pm

    As an animal in a nonhuman zoo I would hope to be something like a tiger or even a black swan! But in all reality I would be more like a flamingo.


    If I had to choose an animal, I would be a lion, with a HUGE mane and glorious roar. If I were a machine, I would like to be a flying human-oid. A beautiful piece with copper and steel.


    Beautiful! Hope to read more soon!


    I think I’d be a sloth. Something about being so slow that moss grows on you sounds like a *really* relaxing way to spend a day.


    If my body were a machine, it would be a toaster. I’m not sure why, but I feel I have a connection to them. If I were an animal, I’d be a seal, mostly because if I was a Pokemon, I’d be Seal.


    Thanks for the intro to Jennifer Perrine – beautiful work by the both of you!

    – Jeff


    umlaut and tilde and smirk are such keeper words!


    I should know more about the work my colleagues do, so despite my total lack of poetic credentials, I’ll throw my hat in for a copy.


    Poems are based on natural themes and human emotions that can make anyone feel happy.


    Thank you for letting me know! I am going to try this again! If I was going to be an animal, It I would be a pigeon. I would like to think I would be something more amazing… a crocodile or zebra, but I would be a pigeon, and I would be a pigeon with personality, character and street smarts. I would at times think I was more like the messenger pigeon than the modern day one, but everyone of my pigeon buddies would know that was a load of bs.


    Would love to own a copy. Looks like a lovely collection by a talented poet.


    Jennifer and I were supposed to be “Fishtrap Fellows” in Oregon together in 2007, but her car broke down as she was driving x-country. Today, one of our other 2007 fellows, Natalie Serber, celebrates the release of her first book!! I am so glad to see Jennifer’s success!


    I’m liking this trend of book giveaways! Thanks!


    I would probably be an Okapi. They have the head of a giraffe and the body of a zebra, AND can clean their eyeballs and ears with their go-go-gadget tongues. With allergy season in full swing, it’d sure beat a bottle of clear eyes or ear drops.


    Giraffe. I’ve got the long, awkward limbs. It wouldn’t be a rough transition.


    First of all, I would like to say how much I LOVE your blog! It always brightens my day to see a new “How (blank) became a writer” post. They really inspire me as an aspiring writer. 🙂 So…If I was an animal in a zoo I would probably be a flamingo, because they are pink and seem happy! Haha! And a machine…probably a CD player or something, because I love randomly singing music! :b

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