More book giveaway winners, and some thoughts on good writing

June 29, 2012 — Leave a comment

One thing about blogging about writers and writing is that you encounter a lot of good writers and good writing. The comments all of you posted on the giveaway are a great example. The comments had all the elements of good writing: fresh ideas, fun phrasing, unique styles, distinct voices, and an overall delight in language.

I’m a strong believer that good writing transcends your chosen form (fiction, poetry, essays, etc.). Good writing shines through in your emails, your holiday cards, your business proposals, the notes you sign in a yearbook (do people still do that?), your texts and tweets, your blog posts, and yes, even your blog comments. In other words, even if the form itself is not known for being interesting, you make it interesting.

For example, Darrin Doyle is an awesome fiction writer. But he’s not only an awesome fiction writer, he’s an awesome blurb writer. He wrote the blurb that my publisher put on the cover of my book, and that I put on the cover of my web page:

The stories in Kelcey Parker’s For Sale By Owner are gorgeous, sinister dreams that sweep us into the unsettled lives of women – wives, mothers, lovers, friends – straining against the bonds of expectation.

What a beautiful sentence! I told Darrin his blurb was so awesome that I wanted to blurb his blurb: “Darrin Doyle’s blurbs are exquisite carafes of words…” – or something.

Then last fall I gave a reading at Central Michigan University, hosted by Darrin. Before the reading Darrin gave the most elegant and engaging introduction to me and my work. It went far beyond the call of boring biography, and I just kept thinking, “This guy is such a great writer.” [For more evidence of his writerly awesomeness, check out my interview with him here.]

So, that’s a long way of saying, I loved reading your comments on the book giveaway and I think you all are awesome writers: a sloth! an okapi! a lion with a huge mane and glorious roar! And the reasons for your choices were equally delightful.

Here then are the lucky winners of Jennifer Perrine’s awesomely written poetry collections:

Winners of In the Human Zoo, Comment #4
(who loves free books and poetry!)

Ben Hoffman, Comment #13
(whose body would be a toaster, and who would be a seal)

Winners of The Body Is No Machine

lazarusdodge, Comment #14
(who has a cool blog, you should visit)

petrujviljoen, Comment #8
(who would be a horse, or a long-crested eagle)

[Note: WordPress doesn’t allow for Random Number Generators to be coded onto their blog posts, so I’ve taken screenshots of the winning results.]

I’ll contact each of you individually about getting your mailing information. Or you can send me your info directly through the CONTACT widget on the right-hand side of the blog. It comes directly to my email address.

Congratulations to the winners, and thanks again to everyone who entered! A new interview posts this weekend…


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