I got my Fallingwater Wings!

November 15, 2012 — 2 Comments


I just got my official Fallingwater volunteer name tag in the mail today! First I got a hat, now I have a badge. Yay! I am no longer an anonymous Ask-Me Guide.

Now I’m wearing my name tag around the house (my house, not Fallingwater) asking everyone (husband and daughter) if they have any questions about Fallingwater. They do not.

2 responses to I got my Fallingwater Wings!


    I thought that badge would be an architect’s dream, it is one of my dreams… However, while that dream becomes a reality you’ll wear your badge proudly and I’ll be waiting for your inspiring novella… have a great time! Read you soon, Alexandra


    Thanks so much, Alexandra. I think fiction writers ARE architects, so we can dream together!

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