My 2012 in Pictures

January 5, 2013 — 3 Comments

In 2012, my theme was Live Lovely. And it was a full, lovely year.

I put together this photo collage as part of WordPress’s weekly photo challenge (from, you know, last week), and now that I’m finished I feel like this post gets dangerously close to the sort of blogging I try to avoid: the “here’s a record of my boring life” sort of blog. But pictures are fun, and these are the least boring parts of my year. Hover over for captions.

3 responses to My 2012 in Pictures


    Nothing boring about this!!! So cool the art journal fall sabbatical and your ‘stint’ at Fallingwater… I hope 2013 brings you as much fun and happiness as 2012 did 🙂 Alexandra


    Last time I looked at letterpress equipment and hot metal Linotype machines was over 30 years ago. Does my heart good to see it making a comeback… 🙂

    – J.


    Thanks, Alexandra & Jeff! I loved learning letterpress, Jeff. Totally made me rethink my relationship to my words when I had to search for each letter!

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