Love at 16:28

January 26, 2013 — 13 Comments

I haven’t done a WordPress weekly photo challenge in a while, but how I can I resist this week’s topic: Love.

Last summer I went with classmates from my Czech language class on a day trip to Kutna Hora, an hour or two outside of Prague. To get to town from the train station, we had to take a bus through a run-down neighborhood of panelaks, those Soviet apartment structures that dominate the landscape of Eastern Europe.

A young Czech couple got on the bus, completely absorbed in one another, and I was so struck by these strangers that I secretly snapped a photo.


It’s hard to tell in the photo above, but the time was 16:28 (or 4:28 p.m. to us Americans), and that was my favorite accidental detail of the photo, that this moment of young love – fleeting as it may be – was marked in time. Later I made this small sketch with paint and pen.


Who knows if they are still in love? But they were in love at 16:28, and perhaps that is enough for a lifetime.

13 responses to Love at 16:28


    Very creative detail.. I like that! 😀


    Nice idea. It’s cool you captured that moment in time!


    only us “adults” understand that LOVE is momentaneous “Who knows if they are still in love? But they were in love at 16:28, …” … great pic!! “


    Just saw your love photo. cute.


    by the way the photo intrigued me as I spent a few days in Prague in 1992 when the country was just opening up to us silly Americans. I rented a flat for $7/night!


    Thanks so much for your comments, everyone! Alesia, Prague is still pretty cheap, but not THAT cheap!


    Just out of curiosity, how come you changed her hair color?


    Hi Rebecca – I changed a lot of the colors. The photo is mostly blue and gray, and my sketch is mostly red and tan. I liked the warmer tones, I guess…


    Love your take on love!


    the photo is great but the sketch…wow

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